Mixed media greeting cards FOR HIM and FOR HER, like perfume :)

The joint project "Pop-up Album Graphic 45" is about to come to an end. So here I am presenting my whole photo album made totally of magical patterened paper "Enchanted Forest" by Graphic 45. I fell totally in love with it and I am pretty sure that this paper loves me back :) This is the most complicated album I ever made and, of course, my favourite. Though I am pretty tired by the end of this joint project, as the schedule was quite tight, especially taking into consideration that I was a total zero in Pop-up constructions before the project started. But it definitely was a lot of fun and worth all my sleepless nights!

This is the soft cover of my 8"x 8"album. I wanted to continue the fairy-tale theme of the layouts, adding some textile, metal and medieval chic to the cover. I didn't find a suitable fabric for the cover in the shops, so I decided to cut a blouse I'd brought from India a couple of years ago. It just suits so perfectly!

All the beautiful white lazer cut chipboards you can see in my album are from my beloved Wycinanka. All the detailed framesornaments and twigs make pefect addition to my medieval layouts. 

Now I will show all five layouts of my "enchanted" album. There is space for 56 photos of different size on the layouts. Plus several hidden pockets where I will place additional photos attached to tags.

First layout

Second layout

Here I made a slider. There is a loving couple in the garden, and if you pull the tag downwards, "the blooming bush" slides down and hides the couple, giving them a bit of privacy :) The process can be seen on video in the end of this blogpost.

Third layout

Fourth layout 

Fifth layout

To conclude this long blogpost is a little video about my ENCHANTED album, just to show you how much alive it is!
Tere! Pole ammu oma lehekülge näidanud... Parandan end ja näitan ühte must-valget tööd lapsepõlvest ja sellest, kuidas ei tasu unustada last enda sees. Tüdruku siluetti lõikasin välja skalpelli abil mustast paberist. Inspireeris mind paruness Eveline von Maydell´i looming. Tema näitus oli Tallinnas eelmisel aastal. Täiesti vapustavad tööd! Vaata nt siin.
Mu tüdruk on tegelikult üks Eveline von Maydell´i töö koopia, väikese reaalselt eksisteerinud printsessi siluett.

Tere! Armas Poola laserväljalõikede bränd Wycinanka kutsus mind tagasi oma disainmeeskonda ja mul on loomulikult väga hea meel selle üle. Siinjuures esitan oma esimest tööd sellel hooajal rohkete Wycinanka tootedega. Seda imelist õmblusmasina saab varsti imetleda kohapeal Teeme Teistmoodi käsitöösalongis Tallinnas!

ENG I am extremely happy to be back in Wycinanka Design Team among other very talented members! Hereby I present you my first project - an altered sewing machine. Altered art is always such a lot of fun, isn't it? You`ll find here ornaments and corners ELEGANCE and ornaments from DECOR series.