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Teeme Teistmoodi salong, Tondi 50, kl 10-14.00, hind: 40 EUR
OZ Handycraft stuudio, Punane 68, kl 18-21.00, hind: 30 EUR
AireVaka stuudio, Tähtvere 3, kl 11-14.00, hind: 30 EUR
AireVaka stuudio, Tähtvere 3, kl 14.30-17.30, hind: 25 EUR
Teeme Teistmoodi salong, Tondi 50, kl 10-14.30, hind: 45 EUR
OZ Handycraft stuudio, Punane 68, kl 18-20.00, hind: 20 EUR
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Karini Paberikoda, Uus 5, kl 14.30-18.30, hind: 40 EUR

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Maria Lillepruun

Hello, dear friends!
I guess this is my first steampunk project for Lindy´s Gang, although I am a huge fan of the style! I made a relatively small canvas, a new wall decoration for my studio. Luckily, I still have not run out of free space on my walls, but this moment is getting terribly close hahaha...
So here is what I made for your inspiration.

I am in love with Lindy´s Gang sprays and Magicals, but I was not too fond of shakers, because I seemed to have too little control of them while using. But it has all changed now! I have tried them on this project, on black background, and the colorful stains they left were pure magic! So I will definitely let myself free now and will play with my shakers more often!

Basic Process

  1. First of all, I primed the canvas with black gesso, so it created a perfect background for my project. I also covered the biggest chipboards with the same gesso, doing so on both sides, especially for the chipboards sticking out of the edges of the canvas.
  2. Then, I arranged my composition on the canvas, combining a lot of chipboard and metallic embellishments in layers. After I was happy with the composition, I glued all to the surface using contact glue and hot melt glue and painted all black with the same gesso.
  3. When the surface was dry, I prepared three shades of metallic acrylic paint. This is super easy to do by mixing any white metallic paint with Lindy´s Gang Magicals. I used beautiful shades Sweet Violet Purple Teal, Hydrangea Blue, Canna Lily Burnt Orange from the Victorian Bouquet Shimmer Set. When my paint was ready, I painted all the decorations with a semi-dry brush.
  4. After that, I sprinkled three shades of Shakers chaotically on the surface. My preferred masculine combination was Bratwurst Brown, Oktoberfest Orange, and Bavarian Blue. When I sprayed some water over the powder, the color effect was truly impressive.
  5. Two different embossing powders (Terra Cotta Rust, Twilight Blue Slate) made the project look more complex. It is good to mix the colors and textures altogether, and EPs give us a great opportunity to add both of them to our creations.
  6. I added some quartz toppings and microbeads for extra texture, as well as some shiny rhinestones.
  7. I also used Mission Bells Brown spray to add some depth to the project and sprinkled some white paint over the whole surface as a final touch.

And some close-ups:

The face sticker is from 7 Dots Studio

Lindy’s Products
Starburst Spray: Mission Bells Brown
Magicals: Sweet Violet Purple Teal, Hydrangea Blue, Canna Lily Burnt Orange (Victorian Bouquet Shimmer Set)
Shakers: Bratwurst Brown, Oktoberfest Orange, Bavarian Blue
EPs: Terra Cotta Rust, Twilight Blue Slate

Other Products:
Canvas (unbranded), Heavy Gesso Black, 3D Gloss Gel, metallic wax, metallic embellishments (Prima Marketing Inc), white metallic paint (Maimeri), chipboard (Lavandovyj Komod, Belarus), face sticker (7 Dots Studio), embossing dabber (Ranger), quartz toppings (Fabrika Decoru), rhinestones (unbranded).

Thank you, dear friends!
Hello, dear friends, and welcome back to Scraps N Pieces Blog! A new challenge has just started, and this time it’s all about the magical world of books! Old and new, big or small, novels, fairy tales, historical, romantic, fascinating…just think of how many adjectives you can use to describe them. Well, that alone tells us how glorious books are!

I was totally inspired by this new mood board and decided to create something vintage and mystical, at the same time, using the color scheme and the elements from the board. The notebook is in size A5 and the cover is made from scratch. This time I played it hard and used tons of mixed media materials :) It took me several days to create the notebook because I just couldn't stop until I was completely satisfied with it. But it was a very pleasing creative process.

As a base for the cover, I used pieces of cardstock. First, I applied black gesso, and then a combination of texture paste, sand paste, crackle texture paste. To color it, I used acrylic paints, alcohol inks, and crackle varnish. I also did some stamping. The front cover is decorated with patterned paper, metallic embellishments, chipboard, beads, brads, and textile hydrangea flowers.

The inside covers are decorated with patterned paper by 7 Dots Studio. Their "Garden Party" collection suits our mood board 100 % :) Plus, I did some stamping and used a single 19th Century biology book page that I had kept on my shelf for ages.

Welcome! Here´s my new reverse canvas called "Poseidon". I invite you to view the video tutorial I prepared for you to enjoy!

As usual, here is the video on how I made this project and created so much rich texture:

Basic Process

  1. I took an old square canvas once used before for acrylic pouring. It just stood there for days, so I decided to use it as a base for my new project. I inserted a thick cardstock inside it to harden the base.
  2. Then I used precolored Powertex textile hardener to model the “waves” on my canvas. The textiles are all kinds of old fabric pieces I found at home.
  3. Later on, I added more texture to the “waves” using a pallet knife and a mixture of texture medium with Lindy´s Gang Magicals, such as Hydrangea Blue and Lucky Shamrock Green from the Victorian Bouquet Shimmer Magical set.
  4. In addition, I applied extra texture with transparent texture paste with glass particles, colored crackle paint, and colored crackle texture paste.
  5. I colored the whole piece using our new products Squirts (Canadian Bacon BlushLoonie Toonie TealBanff Blue) and the Magical Shakers (Bavarian Blue Magical ShakerGuten Tag Teal Magical ShakerOom Pah Pah Pink Magical ShakerGlittering Gold).
  6. After that, Little accents were added by golden paint, glitter, sequins and glass beads.

Here are some close-ups of the finished canvas.

"Mixed media märkmik alkoholitintidega"

5. aprill 2019 kl 18.00-22.00 Teeme Teistmoodi käsitöösalongis (Tondi 50, Tallinn) Hind: 35 € 

20. aprill 2019 kl 11.00-15.00 AireVaka stuudios (Tähtvere 3-2b, Tartu)  Hind: 40 € 

Õpitoas valmistame Teiega erksat mixed media kaantega märkmikku ja kasutame selleks alkohoolseid tinte. Need on ülimalt huvitavad vahendid, mis on ammu juba maailma vallutamas, kuid ei ole veel Eestis väga tuntud. Esimene tutvus alkohoolsete tintidega on alati põnev. Õpitoas räägime Teiega alkohoolsete tintide brändidest, omadustest, eripäradest ja rakendusest.

Valmis teeme kaunid piklikud rõngasköites märkmikud, mille kaantel rakendame erinevaid mixed media tehnikaid. Lisame tekstuuri, värvi, templeid ja viimistleme kõik üheks erksaks ja silmatorkavaks kunstiteoseks. Teie märkmiku suuruseks tuleb ca 20x11 cm ja sisse mahutame 70 valget lehte. Kaunistavaid elemente kaanetele koolitusel ei pakuta, sest töötame eelkõige tekstuuride ja värvidega, kuid iga osaleja saab soovi korral kodus ise oma märkmikku kaunistada mõne dekoratiivse asjakesega. Küll saavad soovijad oma märkmikele valmistada lukkudega kinnitused.

Osalejate arv on piiratud. 
Vajalik eelregistreerimine: MagicAtticDesign@gmail.com 

Миксмедийный блокнот в технике алкогольных чернил 

На мастер-классе мы сделаем яркий блокнот в миксмедийной обложке с использованием алкогольных чернил. Алкогольные чернила давно уже завоевывают мир, но у нас в эстонии пока еще не очень известны. Первое знакомство с ними всегда очень волнительно. На мастер-классе мы поговорим с Вами о разных брендах чернил, об их свойствах и особенностях, о способах применения.

Мы также смастерим с нуля красивые блокноты на кольцах с белыми страничками внутри (размер блокнота будет примерно 20 на 11 см, внутри 70 страничек).Мы нанесем на обложку текстуру, раскрасим ее чернилами и добавим штампинга. Декоративные украшения мастер не предоставит, т. к. мы сконцентрируемся на красочном оформлении, но при желании Вы сможете приклеить на обложку уже дома любой декор на свой вкус. На МК Вы также сможете смастерить замочек на свой миксмедийный блокнот. 

Количество участников МК ограничено. Необходимарегистрация MagicAtticDesign@gmail.com

"ATC klubi kohtumine. Mixed media ATC stemapunk vs shabby chic"

26. märts 2019 kl 18.00-21.00 Teeme Teistmoodi käsitöösalongis (Tondi 50, Tallinn) Hind: 25 € 

20. aprill 2019 kl 15.30-18.30 AireVaka stuudios (Tähtvere 3-2b, Tartu) Hind: 25 € 

Teeme algust (või jätkame :) põnevate ATC kaartide vahetusega. ATC ehk artist trading cards on laialt tuntud mujal maailmas ja on aeg see ellu äratada. Need kaardid on väikesed kunstiteosed (2 ½ x 3 ½ tolli (63 mm х 89 mm), mis on loodud seeriatena ning mida kunstnikud omavahel vahetades koguvad. Usinamad meist on kaartide vahetusega juba algust teinud. Koolitaja Maria Lillepruun on sellega tegelenud juba aastaid ja tema ATC kaartide kogust leiab paljude mainekate kunstnike töid.

Aasta tagasi tutvusime väikevormidega scrapbooking´us ja valmistasime ühistegevusena mixed media ATC sarja. Soovijad said kohe omavahel ja ka Mariaga ka vahetust teha :)
SEE KORD räägime samuti väikevormidest ja valmistame kahest kaardist koosneva sarja elegantse dekooriga! Põnevaks teeb töötuba see, et:
  • Osalejad saavad nüüd valida kahe klassikalise vormi vahel - Artist Trading Card või Artist Trading Coin!
  • Ühe koolituse raames valmistame nii shabby chic kui ka steampunk stiilis kaarte/münte! Mängime kontrastidega! Üks ATC tuleb hele, õrn, romantiline, teine aga tume, brutaalne ja müstilne. Dekoratiivseid elemente pakub koolitaja, iga osaleja saab personaalse materjalide komplekti. Soovi korral võivad osalejad muidugi ka kodust meelepärast dekoori kaasa võtta. Kaartide värvilahendused võivad olla erinevad.
  • Rakendame erinevaid huvitavaid mixed media võtted, mida on hiljem lihtne ka kodus korrata ja õnnitluskaartidel, märkmikutel, albumitel, lõuenditel, karpidel, pildiraamidel jne kasutada. See kord kasutame teisi võtteid, seega erineb me õpituba oluliselt eelmise aasta omast.

Osalejate arv on piiratud. 
Vajalik eelregistreerimine MagicAtticDesign@gmail.com 

Продолжаем знакомиться с АТС! ATC или artist trading cards популярны во всем мире. Это миниатюрные произведения искусства, размер которых составляет 2 ½ x 3 ½ дюйма (63 мм х 89 мм). Этими карточками, как правило, обмениваются, а не продают. Обычно они изготавливаются сериями от 2-х штук из картона или плотной бумаги. Они объединены общей тематикой, стилем, элементами, палитрой. Руководитель МК Мария Лиллепруун занимается изготовлением и коллекционированием АТС уже несколько лет, и собрала замечательную коллекцию карточек многих известных мастеров своего дела. 

Прошлой весной мы познакомились с разными малыми формами в скрапбукинге и изготовили все вместе серию миксмедийных АТС. Желающие смогли сразу же обменяться с Марией и друг с другом своими карточками.
В ЭТОТ РАЗ мы снова поговорим о малых формах в скрапе и сделаем состоящию из двух экземпляров серию элегантно декорированных АТС. МК интересен тем, что:
  • Участники смогут выбрать между двумя самыми популярными формами АТС -Artist Trading Card или Artist Trading Coin!
  • На одном и том же МК мы изготовим две карточки или монетки в разных стилях и техниках -shabby chic и steampunk! Играем на контрастах! Одна АТС будет свелой, нежной, романтичной, а вторая темной, брутальной, мистической. Руководитель предоставит весь декор, каждый участник получит персональный набор материалов. При желании можно, конечно, принести и свой декор из дома. Цветовое решение АТС может быть тоже разным. 
  • Применим на практике разные приемы mixed media, которые затем можно будет легко использовать дома и на любых других объектах (открытках, альбомах, блокнотах, фоторамках, шкатулках, холстах и т. д.). 

Количество участников МК ограничено. Необходима регистрация MagicAtticDesign@gmail.com

Hello, dear friends!

This is Maria Lillepruun with you today, and I am here to present my very first project for Lindy´s Gang! I am so super excited and nervous!
Despite the cold winter outside my window, I want to show you something colorful and flowery. I made a mixed media layout “My Garden” playing on the contrast between the robust, rusty background and intricate and delicate decorations. I used Lindy´s Gang sprays, magicals and embossing powders to create this layout, of course.

Basic Process:

Please enjoy the process video so you can create along with me!

Some close-ups:

Lindy’s Products:

Starbursts: Cattail Copper Brown, A Bit o´Bubbly
Flat Fabios: Pink Ladies Pink, Kissin´ KenicKie Coral
Magicals: Mad Hatter Mint Green, Cheshire Cat Cherry (Mad Hatter Shimmer Magicals set)
EPs: King Midas Gold, Obviously Black

Other Products:

Patterned paper (Mintay), butterfly overlay (Kaiserkraft), transparent medium (ScrapEgo), Paper texture paste, 3D Gloss Gel, flowers (Prima Marketing Inc), Crackle paste (Stamperia), stencil, MDF frame, quartz topping (Fabrika Decoru), chipboard (Wycinanka, Scrapiniec, Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts), embossing dabber (Ranger), white acrylic paint, craft glue (Beacon), oriental lady portrait (Graphic 45), handmade rose (Freetany Flowers), glitter.

Thank you very much for your attention!