I made a masculine mixed media notebook and recorded the whole process on film. The notebook was a gift to my colleague, a male metal objects conservator at the museum I work. He was really delighted to get such a thoughtful gift and promised not to write in this notebook but to treasure it as a piece of art :( That was not what I wanted, of course! I prefer my creations to be used, but this was his decision :)

More information on the project is here.


Scraps N Pieces picked a very traditional moodboard for December! This month we start to prepare for the future festive days. I decided to create a photo album which is meant to celebrate this time of the year! It’s an artistic book, that measures 20cm x 20 cm (8"x 8"), with lots of hidden pockets and winter decorations and I will fill it with my family holiday pictures. I was mainly inspired by our red-green-brown color scheme and the natural elements of the mood board. The album is made of thick kraft cardstock and mainly decorated with Christmas themed patterned paper. I also used white corrugated cardboard and some white texture paste with stencils to add a rustic effect to the pages, and a lot of washi tape with text to enrich the layouts even more. Among the decorations you will see chipboards and scrapbooking tops, colorful paper doilies, lace and colored gause, brads and overlays. The cover is also decorated with metal embellishments, red ribbon and glass beads.

Cover close-ups

One of the layouts

Another one

My favourite layout

One more

And more overview here