Today I am here to show you my brand new video tutorial on a fairy tale altered object. Long ago, I bought a plastic Harry Potter wand in a cardboard box. I had this certain thought in my head that I want to alter the box to look it more like a real magic wand storage.


My main focus was on the box, which I wanted to turn into something magical, more suitable for the powerful wand of Harry Potter. I intentionally used the snakeskin texture and a deer on the box, referring to the magic wand owner. 

First of all, I painted the whole box with Heavy Gesso Black, attaching the chipboard to the surface with the same medium. Then I applied the snakeskin texture, using the beautiful mixed media stencil. I glued on some clay decorations that I made for this project, using an air hardening clay and a beautiful silicone mold. I also added some extra texture with White Sand Texture Paste, and painted all black again.

Shimmer sprays were just perfect to add mystical shades of color to the surface of the box. The colorful waxes helped to bring out the structure of the clay decorations. And I also did add some toppings to the surface, using 3D Gloss Gel to glue all the tiny particles.

The magic wand itself looked a little bit too new and too plastic, so I tuned it with wax and brown rust paste, so it would look more organic in the mixed media box. The interior of the box was also modified - I dyed some lace with ink sprays and glued it inside the box.

Believe in magic!