Mixed media layout TEIR AND EMBER


There are comic series that I really love - called Elf Quest. I've been in love with them and reading them for nearly 20 years, since the first time I accidently came across this comic in a book shop. I've spent a lot of time and money in search of past issues :) By now many of the old issues have been digitized and made available to all for free here. By the way, these comics are already over 35 years old, but still very popular in the narrow circles of the connoisseurs of the elven fiction. I adore Elf Quest for the beautiful story with fascinating characters and for the high artistic level of the drawings of the author and main artist Wendy Pini. There are always actual life topics being touched in this comic book: choice of destiny, freedom of love, commitment to the call of blood and fight against human (yes, there are not only elves :) fears and prejudices.

The main characters of my mixed media layout are young lovers Teir and Ember, captured at the moment of their reunion after a forced separation. For me, this young couple breathes love, freshness and tenderness, and I tried to convey it in my work.

ElfQuest art copyright Warp Graphics. 

Btw, Wendy Pini liked the layout! I am very happy :)

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